Emotional Tapping is a new healing technic that gets you instantly rid of fears, emotional blocks, negative feelings and limiting beliefs. It improves, literally in minutes, your life skills and unchains your true potential, setting you emotionally free. Try it to believe it.

What is Tapping?

Emotional Tapping is simple and fast, it has the power to restore your energy, health, confidence, enthusiasm and well- being, quickly and effectively.

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By applying a swift and easy technique involving finger pressure as you concentrate on the problem being treated, you can rid yourself instantly of physical symptoms and mental barriers which get in the way of your health, personal growth and your life.

Witness Account
  • "Dear Alberto, I really must tell you that after our last session something moved, slowly but quite surely. I feel more confident, I’ve started eating less, exercising is more fun, and men have begun to notice me! I’ve lost 6 kg and I have energy to spare! Heartfelt thanks. "

    Barbara | Businesswoman
  • "The session helped me a lot; I focused on a number of problems which are obviously part of my personality, but now I can live with them less intensely and with greater awareness. Above all, I’m learning to listen to myself! "

    Victoria | Architect
  • "I came to Alberto carrying a great pain, of the kind that wears you out day after day, that drains you of all vitality. After two sessions I rediscovered myself, my energy and my vitality which had been suffocated for too long. "

    Mariarosa | Company Director
  • "After my first and only Tapping session, I stopped having panic attacks. I’m grateful to Alberto for freeing me from this huge burden which wasn’t allowing me live life to the full."

    Monica | Event Planner
  • "Thanks to the help I’ve received from Tapping, I’m now able to stick to a diet without any difficulty, after putting it off for months."

    Carla | Naturopath

Emotional Tapping works better and faster than other techniques and therapies because it taps into the natural energy and self-repair mechanisms already present in your body.

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What is Tapping?
Emotional Tapping is a healing technique which is now a core component of modern Energy Psychology.
By applying the Energy principles of Chinese medicine on which acupuncture and modern psychology are founded, Emotional Tapping can help you gain immediate relief from limiting conditions – whether physical, psychological or emotional. After learning the procedure from a trained therapist, you too can use it, on your own, to solve any aspect of your life that is disturbing you. Once you know how, you can adopt this method to restore the working balance between body and mind.
How does it work?
All that is required is a simple tapping action of the fingers which you apply to specific meridian points of the body as you call to mind
the problem being treated; this can be achieved with the help of appropriate phrases, memories and sensations. Through a combination of these procedures, the energy connected to that area will start to flow easily through your system once more. At this point, your perception of the problem changes and the symptom disappears, leaving you with a feeling of relaxation and lightness. You'll come away with a new sense of awareness and clarity of vision. It is not uncommon for a problem to disappear after a single session.
What is it for?
With just a few sittings either face-to-face or online Tapping can solve emotional problems stemming from
either light or serious traumas, anxieties, panic attacks, insomnia and a lot more. It is useful for boosting any kind of treatment or cure and is recommended for the relief of chronic pain, allergies, dependence on cigarettes, alcohol and prescription-drugs as well as for solving compulsive eating disorders. Most importantly, it acts on certain limiting ways we have of seeing ourselves and reality, that can keep us from fully achieving our goals in life.
Why does it work?
Our life energy flows naturally and spontaneously through our body. Any kind of block in this energy flow will
bring on physical and emotional disorders, negative thoughts and feelings, all of which stop us from fulfilling our potential and our aspirations. Contrary to other approaches and methods of therapy, Tapping addresses both the Energy system as well as psychological factors, benefiting our body's life-flow in both areas. Today, copious, on- going, scientific research all over the world is constantly bringing to light and underlining the success of this innovative and revolutionary method, proving it to be astonishingly effective at both scientific and therapeutic levels.
Alberto Simone
Alberto Simone is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, a specialist in several therapeutic techniques directed at improving people's mental, physical and spiritual well-being and personal growth. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of subjects and disciplines. A well-known author and film-director, with highly successful films and TV programs to his credit, he alternates artistic activities with his work as therapist. For many years now, he has shared his knowledge through his Blog www.ilbicchieremezzopieno.com (The glass is half-full) which claims thousands of fond followers. Indipendently of the means he uses to express his various talents, or of the therapeutic and spiritual guidance he offers, he considers the positive and evolutionary transformation, which his knowledge and his sharing of this can bring to the lives of others, the only true form of success and fulfilment.
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