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"Dear Alberto, I really must tell you that after our last session something moved, slowly but quite surely. I feel more confident, I’ve started eating less, exercising is more fun, and men have begun to notice me! I’ve lost 6 kg and I have energy to spare! Heartfelt thanks. "

Barbara | Businesswoman

"The session helped me a lot; I focused on a number of problems which are obviously part of my personality, but now I can live with them less intensely and with greater awareness. Above all, I’m learning to listen to myself! "

Victoria | Architect

"I came to Alberto carrying a great pain, of the kind that wears you out day after day, that drains you of all vitality. After two sessions I rediscovered myself, my energy and my vitality which had been suffocated for too long. "

Mariarosa | Company Director

"After my first and only Tapping session, I stopped having panic attacks. I’m grateful to Alberto for freeing me from this huge burden which wasn’t allowing me live life to the full."

Monica | Event Planner

"Thanks to the help I’ve received from Tapping, I’m now able to stick to a diet without any difficulty, after putting it off for months."

Carla | Naturopath
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