Emotional Tapping Experience
The Emotional Tapping Experience is a cultural, experiential and therapeutic setting aimed at emotional healing and the full realization of those potentials that can be found in each and every human being. These potentials are often hindered by subjective factors related to negative experiences and beliefs that have accumulated during the course of a lifetime.

The Emotional Tapping Experience is committed to the dissemination, evolution and development of the WFT Method - better known as Tapping - conceived by Californian engineer and researcher Gary Craig. Since its inception in the ’90’s, the method has been the object of a plethora of variations, and its different applied procedures have subsequently been developed by many researchers the world over. The latest scientific discoveries have been implemented in the various fields of therapies based on energetics and methods involving self-help and personal growth.

In the same spirit, The Emotional Tapping Experience encourages meetings among all those presently making use of this technique, whether they be psychologists, researchers, life coaches, therapists, or simply users; the sole aim of this being to encourage further developments and completion of the basic method, to offer practical and efficient solutions for improving people’s lives and their well-being, and to facilitate the balance among the physical, psychological and spiritual elements which constitute every human being.

The recognition which we owe to Gary Craig’s ground-breaking research, as well as to the methodology which he developed and offered to humankind, is of the greatest importance, and the debt of recognition of all that has derived from this is immense. Craig’s commitment to a wide-ranging spectrum of subject-matter of the most disparate types has given rise, all over the world, to subsequent variations on his original method and procedures.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively new method of unknown potential and to this day it is the object of ongoing research and scientific validation. At the same time, the tendency in recent years to reduce EFT to formulaic schemes implies the kernel of a mechanistic, albeit energetic view of human beings. The idea that it is possible to press on a point to obtain a response that follows a manipulation of the energetic sphere is certainly simplistic, rash and even dangerous.

Human beings constitute what is perhaps the most complex, refined and, for the most part, mysterious evidence of the intelligence of a consciousness of a universal project which includes Man, his greatness as well as his limitations being accepted as a unit. The Emotional Tapping Experience highlights this consciousness which is definitely of an ethical and spiritual order, inspiring its choices and activities. These are, without doubt, oriented not merely towards the solution of symptoms and problems but also to the overall well-being of the person seen as a whole – a being made up of physical, mental and spiritual components.

In keeping with other holistic disciplines, all this, as envisioned by its founder, Alberto Simone, contributes to the evolution of the human species in harmony with itself and the environment which is its host - an essential prerequisite for the achievement of an understanding among all peoples and for universal peace.

The Founder
Together with a solid academic and humanistic training and background in clinical psychology and branches of psychotherapy covering a period of many years, Alberto Simone’s professional career has in fact attained its fullest achievements mainly in the field of TV and movie entertainment.

A winner of numerous prizes, script-writer, director and producer, author of successful films and television series, during the course of his activities which stretch over thirty years he has expressed himself in fields that have successfully encompassed cinema and television, theatre and music, documentaries and commercials, without ever abandoning his studies, research and specializations in the fields of therapy, the humanities and philosophy.

Recently, after moving to the United States, he has made contact with new, inspiring disciplines geared towards physical, mental and spiritual well-being; these have convinced him of the need to set about significantly changing his own life by following a new path, both therapeutic and existential, inspired by the possibility of helping others to set themselves free of useless suffering and illusory limitations which hamper one’s realization and evolution in all that is good, in consciousness and in peace.

Although Alberto Simone conveys his various areas of knowledge and offers therapeutic and spiritual guidance to thousands of people, often free of charge, through the publication of inspiring texts to be found on his blog, he considers the positive and evolutionary transformation, which his knowledge and his sharing of this can bring to the lives of others, the only true form of success and fulfilment.

You can also follow Alberto on www.ilbicchieremezzopieno.com
(The glass is half-full.)

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